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Voters say their main concern is corruption after allegations of massive bribes paid to Panamanian officials by Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. We take a closer look at the two leading.

The Brazilian civil engineering and construction firm Odebrecht SA is rebranding. The 75-year-old construction giant has been implicated in corruption scandals in countries across the continent,

FILE – This April 12, 2018 file photo shows the Odebrecht headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazilian construction giant filed for bankruptcy protection to restructure $13 billion in debt on.

BOGOTÁ-Colombia’s government is seeking to oust embattled Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht from the country amid a growing investigation into allegations that the company bribed officials to.

BRASILIA, March 4 (Xinhua) — Brazil’s construction giant Odebrecht has been paying the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas up to 100,000 U.S. dollars a month to work free of.

Brazil’s emergence in the global economy during the recent boom years brought rewards for average Brazilians, who saw their incomes rise. Many businesses saw their operations blossom too. Among them,

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s comptroller has banned federal agencies from contracting with Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht and its Mexican subsidiary for three years. In a statement Friday, the.

He was suspected of accepting bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht in return for large-scale public works contracts. Peru’s public prosecutor rafael vela told journalists in Curitiba,

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RIO DE JANEIRO – A Brazilian court says it has accepted a petition from construction giant Odebrecht to undergo bankruptcy protection while it restructures its debts. The Sao Paulo state 1st Court of.

The political tornado that is Odebrecht in Latin America continues. been sucked into this huge network of bribes since a Brazilian judge uncovered the scandal in 2014. The Brazilian construction.

Sao Paulo (AFP) – Scandal-ridden Brazil construction giant Odebrecht, which has admitted to spending nearly $800 million to bribe officials across Latin America to win contracts, filed for bankruptcy.

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Peru submitted the extradition request to Washington in May 2018, after a judge in Lima found evidence that Toledo took a $20 million bribe from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht in exchange for.

Built Adds Matt Pritzel As Vice President Of Sales MILWAUKEE, Wis. – REV Group Inc. has announced that Matt Scheuler has been named vice president of sales for REV Bus. Rev Group is the parent company of Type A school bus builder Collins bus corp. rev group’s brands also supply vehicles for the public transit, paratransit, airport, university transportation, and recreation markets.

Mexico City (AFP) – Mexico has imposed a three-year ban on scandal-tainted Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht from participating in federal contracts. Odebrecht is prohibited from doing business.

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