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How To Refinance An Investment Property

Key Takeaways. When to refinance a rental property. Benefits of refinancing. How to refinance an investment property. Refinancing rental property with HARP .

Mortgage Calculator Rental Property Buyers are still competing for a short supply of homes. mortgage interest rate automatically mean that you should refinance? No. You might benefit from a smaller rate decrease, or you might have to.

Refinancing a rental property can be very beneficial for a property investor. There are several steps you should take that can help you determine if you could qualify for a refinance. Learn how to find a lender, the steps in the application process and how long it can take to get the loan.

Even if you don’t meet the strict loan-to-value minimums required by most lenders, you still may be able to refinance your rental property through the home affordable refinance program (harp). HARP is a government-backed program established in 2009 as a way to help people without much equity in their home refinance into a more stable mortgage.

The reason: An owner who has a substantial stake in the property is less likely to default on the mortgage. "If you’re upside down or have a minimal investment, you might walk away," LaDue.

These days it is near impossible to refinance investment property for many reasons. First of all let’s define what investment property is. Investment property includes anything that is not a residential, owner occupied property. This can include a non-owner occupied single family home, an apartment building, an office building and even raw land.

Get details on refinancing your rental or investment property, including how to calculate a break-even analysis.

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